PocketPilot is a smaller versions of the BBBmini, designed for use with PocketBeagle , (a small version of BeagleBone Black). It provides a very small & light-weight open-source ArduPilot based autopilot / flight controller for quadcopter drones & robots.


Project Video

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Step by Step Guide

To build this project you need:

  • PocketBeagle
  • PocketPilot


In order to reflect the compactness of the PocketPilot , I have integrated the prototype into a KingKong 188 (Aliexpress) quadcopter with these components:

  • 4 x Multistar 1704 and DYS20 A ESC (Blheli) 
  • 5 Amp UBEC 
  • Micro Flysky PPM receiver
  • 900 Mhz Telemetry radio with Pigtail Spring Antenna
  • 3S Battery 1800 MAh
  • VL53LX0 TOF RangeFinder

For test and initial developments, I have built a prototype using through-hole components & connectors, with sensor modules soldered directly on the breadboard. Since it doesn't need any SMD components, this is relatively easy to build, for an experienced builder by following this schematic:

Please note that there is no ESD protection for USB1 on the prototype, so be very carefull if you plan to use it. We will implement proper protection on a PCB release.
The initial flight test was performed on a 450 class quadcopter​

There is no special instructions for the build but you need a good UBEC with a steep voltage rising curve in order to get the PocketBeagle starting becauses of the power/battery management unit.
This is one of the first test on the KingKong, its flying Alt-Hold using the 7$ VlL53L0X TOF RangeFinder


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