In this project we are going to show you how to create your very own smart home automation system. Including creation of a smart device that will sense the temperature levels of its surroundings and automatically control the mi:node fan based on the what temperature level it detects. Your smart home automation system will also be able to act as a home security alarm, sounding an alert to notify you if something near it moves.

Project Video

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Step by Step Guide

To make this project you will require 1x micro:bit board plus the following from your mi:node kit:

  • Connect Board x1
  • Speaker module x1
  • DHT11 module x1
  • PIR module x1
  • Mini Fan module x1
  • USB Micro-B Cable x2
  • E-brick Cable x4


Sensor Module ID Connect Board Connector ID Micro:bit Pin ID Signal Type
Speaker#1 A0 pin0 Analog IO
Mini Fan#1 A1 pin1 Analog IO
PIR#1 D13 pin13 Digital IO
DHT11#1 D15 pin15 Digital IO


Add the mi:node library by clicking on “More…” and selecting “Add Package…” from the drop down menu. Then search for “minode” or “node” and select the library to add it to your project.


Create code by building the project below:


Your project will do the following:

a) Sense the surrounding temperature after pressing button A

b) Use the temperature level detected to control the fan

c) Use the PIR sensor to detect motion after pressing button B

d) Sound the speaker when the PIR sensor detects motion



For the full Microsoft MakeCode micro:bit project visit: 



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